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We’re thrilled to reveal that Russia’s most prestigious beauty store, Sephora/Ile de Beaute, invited RICH Hair Care to participate in its A/W fashion show!

The evening was held in a truly luxurious 5-star hotel in Sochi, and was packed full of glamour, glitz and piazza! Guests sipped champagne as they watched elegant models walk along a moving staircase revealing this season’s hottest trends.

And the best was saved for last, as RICH’s Creative Director Ruslan Varavin closed the show with a live hair demonstration! We were the only brand invited to perform on stage, so Ruslan used this unique opportunity to introduce RICH products and reveal how they can be used to create beautiful styles for A/W 2014.

The applause he received was literally mind blowing and the audience were eager to get their paws on RICH products before they left!

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